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The Season of Giving

Giving Tuesday was this week and we are entering the most charitable time of the year. What do you need to know about charitable giving and taxes?

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Inflation, Infrastructure, and Medicare Increases in 2022

Inflation! We are seeing it everywhere. From the gas we buy to our Thanksgiving turkeys, prices seem to be going up everywhere. How does this affect Medicare? Well, you’ll probably be paying more on premiums. Will the infrastructure bill make inflation worse? That remains to be seen but you should stay vigilant. We will discuss these issues and how they impact you on today’s show.

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The ABC’s of Medicare

It is open enrollment season for Medicare! On today’s show, we are going to discuss Medicare with expert Ray Martin. We will be covering the different types of plans, premiums, and tips you should be aware of as you reach age 65 and beyond.

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Important Ages in Retirement

What should you be planning for as you reach 50? What is the best age to take Social Security? Today, we are going to go over some key ages to be aware of as you plan for and approach retirement.

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Bonds, Interest Rates, and Tax Proposals

You’ve probably heard about the recent tax proposals in Congress. How will they affect your financial future if they pass? Today we will discuss these proposals, while also taking it back to 1981 to discuss bond rates.

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5 Financial Biases to Avoid

What can get in the way of your financial success? Today we are talking about a few financial biases such as the fear of missing out and overconfidence. We will also discuss how to overcome these biases.

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Budgeting Time and Money – With Ten Kids!

Today we’re excited to bring on special guest Brien Dunphy, who is a business consultant that balances work with his family of 10 kids in New Jersey! How do they possibly manage the finances? (Hint: Brien is not rich or living on a trust fund) Listen to Brien’s amazing story on today’s podcast.

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