Budgeting Time and Money – With Ten Kids!

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The Story:

Today we’re excited to bring on special guest Brien Dunphy, who is a business consultant that balances work with his family of 10 kids in New Jersey! How do they possibly manage the finances? (Hint: Brien is not rich or living on a trust fund) Listen to Brien’s amazing story on today’s podcast.

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The Show:

Don talks with special guest, Brien Dunphy, owner of Brien Dunphy and Associates, part-time pastor, husband, and father of ten children! Living in a state like New Jersey where the cost of living is so high, how do they manage to save money and provide for everyone?

On today’s episode of the show, we’ll focus on money management, time management, instilling values in the next generation, and making it all work.

Brien had a master’s degree in counseling when he started working at the church. He met his wife at Rutgers University and then less than two years later they said “I do.” Like every couple, they talked about how many kids they’d want early on. Their lives were so dedicated to and surrounded by family that they went on to have 10 children.

As a trained counselor, he is constantly looking for how to learn and grow from the people in his life. As a parent, he uses systems to make sure to avoid chaos in life. When they added more children to their family, they realized as a family how important those systems were to establish.

Crisis caused them to be more intentional with their lives when a few of their children needed surgery. Philosophically, they felt called to homeschool their children for several years. When they shifted to have some children in conventional private school, they had to make their system work for them.

Brien and his wife have had to make decisions regarding what are needs and what are wants, particularly when it comes to their money. As a family and as a couple, they make sure to share common values, which helps streamline what is a need versus what is a want. The key? Constant communication, love and respect.

When it comes to their budget, Brien shares how much it costs to run their household (It may be less than you think). He shares how they predict costs and categorize what they need. How do they review their costs? What kind of apps do they utilize to track spending? What roles do their older and younger children play?

How do they manage their time on a daily basis? In order to be intentional about their day, Brien tries to focus on the big rocks or priorities first. Their household has consistent activity of about 20 hours a day between all the different children and their ages and needs. Kids like to have deep conversations really late at night, so they continue to make themselves available for those treasured times.

Finally, Brien opens up about their youngest daughter, Hope, who impacted their family in immeasurable and lasting ways.

You don’t want to miss this show.

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to learn more about Brien using the timestamps below.

[0:18] – Introducing special guest: Brien Dunphy.

[3:40] – How did Don and Brien meet? What’s Brien’s background?

[9:00] – What did Brien learn during his master’s program?

[11:38] – What systems had to be put in place after having kids?

[14:03] – What is schooling like?

[17:53] – How did Brien end up doing what he does now?

[21:44] – What does it cost to run a household annually?

[30:15] – What does daily life look like?

[37:45] – What is Brien’s guilty pleasure?

[39:38] – What did they learn from their daughter, Hope?



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