Finding a New Path and Perspective after 9/11

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The Story:

Today we have a special episode of the podcast for you. With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, Don invited special guest Kevin Haney onto the show to talk about how his work took a turn after September 11th and what it meant for his life.

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The Show:

Today’s special guest is Kevin Haney, the owner of ASK Benefit Solutions and Growing Family Benefits in East Brunswick, NJ. He is also the devoted husband of Doreen, and together they have five adult children. Our podcast today remembers the events of September 11th as we reflect on Kevin’s personal experience from 20 years ago.

Kevin’s story is different from many in that he was originally booked for Flight 93. When he got off his plane, he thankfully was able to get a rental car to get home to New Jersey. Initially, he was numb as he drove the 12 hours home. Not long after, he was booked to travel by plane again. That experience really changed his perspective and made him reevaluate his work and how often he traveled.

After that, Kevin went from Corporate America to a business owner and founder. What advice does he have for someone else considering a career change mid-life? What risks did he have to face? What was it like starting all over again? Ultimately, was it worth it?

Listen to the entire episode as Kevin shares more about his story, from work to family. Or skip ahead using the timestamps below to hear a certain part of the story.

[0:21] Today’s guest is Kevin Haney.

[1:54] What was Kevin’s personal story and experience after September 11th?

[3:58] Kevin originally was booked on flight 93 but changed it.

[5:42] What did Kevin do after that close call?

[6:39] When did Kevin find out what was happening?

[9:46] How did Kevin’s perspective change after that?

[15:08] What did Kevin transition into?

[16:27] What was it like to change careers mid-life?

[19:14] The same skill set didn’t all transfer over. How did he pivot?

[21:13] What advice would Kevin give other people looking to switch careers?

[28:31] What was it like selling insurance?

[31:04] What was Kevin learning?

[33:20] How did Kevin find out about Jesus?

[38:33] What was it like meeting Doreen?

[42:19] What’s Doreen’s unique family situation?

[45:47] What are Kevin’s plans for the future?

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