Have You Made a ‘Corona Purchase’?

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The Story:

Have you made a big splurge recently? How have your finances shifted in the past several months during the pandemic? Today we’ll talk about how spending has changed as our lifestyles have slowed down.

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The Show:

Have you heard of the Corona purchase? Be it due to boredom or accidentally saving a bit more money when no longer in a normal routine, some people have been making big purchases lately. Is it okay to make a big splurge?

Whether that’s home improvements or new toys to enjoy spending time at home, you might be considering an upgrade of some sort. People are looking for ways to create more space or improving their aesthetics since they’re stuck looking at the same walls, floors, and furniture all day long.

Who is benefitting from these purchases? From the home owner to the contractors to the retailers, there is a lot of good that comes from these changes. Businesses are adapting to the needs of customers and the economy is getting a boost. There’s been a tremendous increase in supply of money, particularly with a possible second stimulus check on the way.

The success of many industries has shifted over the past several months. Some of these changes would have been difficult to predict a few months ago. This is why it is so important to diversify when making investment decisions. Regardless of what you are planning to do with your money, make sure you are considering your financial plan in order to make wise decisions.

Have you made a Corona purchase?

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[0:26] – Don talks summer heat and summer fun before school starts again.

[6:28] – Have you heard about the “Corona Purchase”? 

[9:08] – Home improvements projects and remodels are popular right now.

[14:51] – Inventory on some hot items are running low.

[15:51] – Who benefits economically from these improvements?

[18:10] – Are you diversified?

[22:14] – Getting to Know You: Would you rather make twice as much money next year or make the same amount of money while only working half as much?


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