Is It Still A Good Time to Refinance?

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The Story:

Wondering if you should refinance or if you’ve already missed your chance? Don discusses who should refinance and why the rates are still so low right now.

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The Show:

Is now still a good time to refinance your home? With record low interest rates, the past year has resulted in a lot of people choosing to refinance. If you haven’t done so already, have you missed your chance? On today’s episode of the podcast, Don talks through what kind of numbers to pay attention to as you determine what is best.

First of all, why is there a drop in mortgage rates when there’s inflation in the housing market? Are rates about to shoot up? And most importantly for you, is now a good time to consider refinancing?

For most people, now continues to be a great time to refinance as long as the numbers work in your favor. Don actually refinanced not long ago. The rates now are between 2.1 and 2.7 percent, depending on the terms, credit rating, and points. This could be a good time to shorten the length of your loan, change from an adjustable to fixed rate loan, or benefit from your increased equity.

Like anything though, there are pros and cons. If you only have a small balance left on your mortgage or plan to move soon, then the closing costs may not be worth the trouble. Or, if your previous rate is close to what the rate is today, there’s likely not much benefit for you. If you’re close to retirement and already own your home, is it worth moving or downsizing right now? Stop to consider whether you’ll really be getting a good value.

Finally, in today’s Cash Connection, Patty in Monroe says she and her husband argue about money almost every day and wants to know if that’s normal. What does Don think?

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[1:42] – Don’s facing a car shortage.

[4:24] – Should you refinance your home?

[7:58] – Why are the rates low while inflation is high?

[11:28] – So it is still a good time?

[15:53] – Should retirees consider selling or downsizing?

[21:04] – Don’t fall victim to recency bias.


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