Let’s Talk Electionomics

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The Story:

What are some of the economics surrounding an election year? How will our president impact our economy? Let’s talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room as we head into the final quarter of 2020.

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The Show:

As we gear up for the election, is there anything you should be doing? Many people are asking how they can make a wise decision now ahead of whatever is to come following the election results. Are you stressed about your finances this election year?

First let’s ask, what do the polls say right now? What impacts those numbers? This has been a big year–from coronavirus, to the market volatility, to unemployment numbers. What else could happen between now and the election day? And what will happen directly after the election? 

Then let’s look at the past several elections. How has the market reacted? What presidents are known for a strong economy? And ultimately, how much impact does the president have on the markets? Don shares a bit of a history lesson on our government.

Why don’t we have a national response to certain things like masks or voting? We have to look to the constitution. The constitution gives vast power to the states, which means the governors play a key part in these decisions.

Before you worry too much about your investments as it relates to the election, remember that investing is a long-term process. There will be ups and downs over the years, so make sure you have a financial plan that you feel comfortable following.

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[1:39] – What does it take to go boating these days?

[4:31] – What should investors and retirees be doing leading up to the election?

[6:12] – What do the polls indicate?

[11:17] – How do the markets react?

[16:04] – Why do we see the economy working independently of the presidents?


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