New Inflation Numbers, What Do They Mean?

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The Story:

We’ve already seen tremendous inflation in housing, lumber and other areas since Covid hit. But will that soaring inflation continue?

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The Show:

The most recent concern about inflation came from a report from the government on the Consumer Price Index.

We have to laugh when we read that the inflation rate excludes food, gas and housing. It can also be a little misleading to look at recent numbers since the country shut down for a while due to COVID.

As COVID worries seem to be fading away, we could see even more robust month-to-month changes. Also, given the amount of stimulus, we’ve already seen tremendous inflation in housing, lumber prices, gasoline, oil, cars and other commodities.

Some wonder whether the inflation we’re seeing will be short-term or long-term. We certainly don’t see hyperinflation. The target inflation number the government shoots for is about 2% annually. Most signs point to the recent inflation spike being relatively short term or transient.

One reason is due to supply chain disruptions due to COVID and a shortage of workers. The whole economic, social ecosystem has been disrupted over the past year, but in terms of long-term persistent concerns, inflation is a monetary phenomenon, meaning If you print more money, you get more inflation.

A smart way to approach the uncertainty is to keep investing and stay the course. Don’t try to time the stock market or inflation.

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[4:53] – Most recent concern about inflation

[6:24] – What to be concerned about?

[8:07] – Short-term or long-term inflation?

[10:05] – Persistent inflation?

[11:58] Why did stock market drop?

[13:42] – Don’t put all eggs in one basket

[15:55] – Smooth out the ride

[18:40] – Sensible but difficult in practice


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