The Highlights & Lowlights – Wrapping Up 2020

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The Story:

As you wrap your gifts and prepare for the ball drop, we wrap up 2020 by reviewing the highlights and lowlights that happened this year. Can you believe all that’s happened?

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The Show:

As the weather gets colder and snow falls, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Which means we’re also nearing the end of 2020. Today we’ll do a wrap-up of the year, and what a year it’s been!

We’ll reflect on the highlights and lowlights. From talks about impeachment to the start of the shutdown for coronavirus. The market crashed but also came back up. We had protests and riots in the summer. By the fall we were focused on the election. As the year comes to a close, we begin seeing people receiving the vaccine.

“As we look ahead, let’s remember that hope and change and redemption is the reason for the season. And let’s look forward to the new year coming up!” – Don Cash

While the virus is still with us, we’ll have to set our expectations appropriately for 2021. Unfortunately, the ball drop won’t magically make it all better. Don shares what’s proven to be most important this year and into the future. A lot of personal hardships have fallen onto people in 2020, but there’s still new things to be grateful for. Technology has enabled us to keep in contact when we couldn’t be together face-to-face.

The pandemic has also forced us out of certain habits and into others. Don recommends the book, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, which talks about the habit loop. Relationships have also changed over the past year and given us new perspectives. But through it all, we’ve found new ways to cope, be it with extra time baking or discovering old movies as a family.

We hope you have a blessed and health holiday season. We look forward to the new year!

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[0:39] – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with snow for Don.

[3:28] – Let’s do a year-end wrap up of 2020.

[5:37] – January was when we were talking about the impeachment of the president.

[6:28] – March we started the shutdown.

[6:50] – Early summer we had protests and riots.

[8:07] – By fall we were watching the election.

[10:40] – What lessons can we carry into 2021?

[15:05] – What habits have we changed?

[18:10] – What other surprises has 2020 brought?




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