Weather the Storm and Don’t Lose Focus

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“This is one nasty storm”. This has been the sentiment heard from so many people living in the path of the hurricane in south central Florida. Hurricane Ian gained monstrous strength as it moved over oceans, cut through Florida and now heads up the east coast.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those still dealing with the power outages and long road ahead of rebuilding.

Those of us here in the tri-state area can certainly relate to those in the Sunshine state. It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 10 years since hurricane Sandy hit us so hard. The re-building process can be so frustratingly slow, but it will be done.

It seems like the storms of hurricane season have collided with the storms of the economy and planning our finances. Each Fall we spend a lot of time watching and listening to the news and the Weather Channel getting reports of developing hurricanes and are treated to lots of updated graphics to bring us a refresher on how hurricanes work. So, let’s take the opportunity to see what we can learn about retirement planning from a discussion about hurricanes.

In this episode, we will talk about the volatility of the market. Are market dips something you should be wary of? What global events cause market changes? Let’s dive into some of the things that often make us lose focus as we invest for retirement.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Why you need to accept that the value of the stock market will drop at some point. [6:11]
  • You must be careful not to be influenced by the wrong people. [10:44]
  • Here are some things you should look out for over the next few months. [16:26]

If you want to discuss your investment strategy or have someone give your portfolio a second opinion, please reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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Donald W. Cash – CPA, CFP®, is an independent advisor. After graduating from Rutgers University, he began his career in 1985 as an accountant. In 1990, he entered the field of Estate Planning, concentrating on long-term care planning. Don has been advising clients in the baby boomer and retirement market for 20 years. He has helped over 1,000 families with their planning needs.

Don advocates for a holistic approach to Estate and Financial Planning and has relationships with other professionals including Attorneys, CPA’s, Mortgage Specialists, Insurance Specialists and Asset Managers.

He is married to Cathy and they have 4 children, Carly, DJ, Nick and Tori. They live in Freehold, NJ.

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