tax rates

The Taxman Cometh – 2023 Edition

  What many people are starting to realize is that taxes in retirement might actually be more than they were when they were working. We’ve been taught our entire lives to defer taxes by contributing to an IRA and 401(k), but that ends up leaving retirees with more to pay down the road. What’s important…

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Economic Storms in 2022 – Part 2

What other economic storms can we expect in 2022? We’ll discuss stock market dips, geopolitical tensions, and more today.

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Presidential Candidates & Future Tax Rates

On this first episode of the “Your Money & Your Life” podcast, we’ll get to know Don a bit better and find out how his background in the field has shaped his investing and holistic planning philosophies. After that, we’ll dive into our first topic. Don will help us unpack the key points of the new tax code, and we’ll learn how the upcoming election may affect both our future tax rates and our retirement accounts.

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